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Location :
Details :
Countertop :
- CalaCatta
Cabinets : White Shaker

Finish : Brushed Nickel
Shower Mosaic Tile : - Stone


Master Bath Remodel:
This Master Bathroom has a large shower with 2 shower heads and a bench running along the inner wall. It also features 4 separate niches on the shower wall for more storage. The Shower niche has a Gray Penny Style Mosaic Tile - matching it with the flooring in the shower as well. The 2 Shower heads in the shower have separate controls. In a nook surrounded by windows that display the sunset perfectly sits a Roman Bathtub & Standing Faucet.

Master Bath Features:
4 Shower Niches
2 Shower Heads w/ separate controls
Whole wall Shower Bench
Roman Tub & Standing Faucet
Black and Gold Finishes
Marble Style 12x24 Tiles on Floor, Shower Walls, & Bench

Hall Bath Features:

Marble Tile on Floor & Shower Walls
Black Finishes
Rolling Shower Door

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